QTK Fine Cabinetry

QTK Fine Cabinetry: A Legacy of Innovation and Customization with Microvellum

Founded in 1974 by Tony and Mary Toto, QTK Fine Cabinetry is currently managed by their two sons, Giovanni Toto as Vice President, and Daniel Toto as General Manager.

Over the years, the Canadian kitchen manufacturer has experienced significant growth - from their humble beginnings working out of a garage to a 31,000 sq. ft. facility in 2006 and now expanded to over 80,000 square feet with over 40 operators utilizing their Microvellum software to create custom kitchen designs for clients throughout Ontario, Canada.

QTK Fine Cabinetry is a premium custom kitchen cabinet manufacturer located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. They provide design, manufacturing, and installation services to new home builders and renovation clients. The company prides itself on finding solutions for unique spaces that fit each customer's preferences in terms of functionality and appearance.

In 2006, on the precipice of another expansion and at the height of their frustration with their existing design software, Giovanni was convinced it was time to find new software that would free them from the limitations restricting their control over cabinet design. Expressing his frustration, Giovanni commented, “The software I had available to me couldn’t give me the amount of detail I wanted. It placed constraints on our customization and limited our control."

Looking for better, more flexible software for custom kitchen designs, Giovanni began searching for a solution that would allow his team the freedom for mass customization and total control over their products. "The reason we chose Microvellum was it gave us a platform to create my own cabinet library. I didn’t want to modify someone else’s; I wanted to design my cabinets my way. Microvellum allowed me to start with a clean slate.”

After implementing Microvellum software, the team at QTK not only gained full customization control over their product library, but they also streamlined their entire process from the design phase to the shop floor. "Before Microvellum, cutlists and other tasks related to labeling, reporting, CNC machine coding, and other tasks were handled manually. With Microvellum, we have a seamless automation flow, connecting our software to our CNC machines and driving our entire process. We're not only producing more products faster; our revenue grew faster than we expected."

QTK's impressive production environment includes CNC machinery from Alberti, Anderson, Barbaric, IMA Schelling, Morbidelli, SCM, and Top.


For over 50 years, QTK Fine Cabinetry has made clients' visions a reality, standing by their motto of "Your Kitchen, Your Taste," and delivering exquisitely crafted kitchens with cutting-edge technology.


  • Company: QTK

  • Location: Vaughan, Ontario Canada

  • Factory Size: 80,000 sq. ft.

  • Established: 1974 by Tony and Mary Toto

  • Employees: 51-200, 40 designers using Microvellum software.

  • Specialties: Residential designer kitchens and custom cabinetry, vanities, closets, millwork, and wine displays.

  • CNC Machinery: Alberti, Anderson, Barbaric, IMA Schelling, Morbidelli, SCM, and Top