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Limelight: Buda Woodworks
Learn how Microvellum and technology have helped their company grow!
Limelight: Lenny Scianna
Meet Lenny, Head of Library Data Development at Microvellum
Limelight: David Fairbanks
Meet David, President and owner of Microvellum
The Microvellum Platform
With Microvellum, all your data, & all your processes are handled in one platform.
Flexible Product Libraries
Microvellum offers flexible product libraries for a number of applications.
Engineer One-Off Products
Create custom, one-off products with Microvellum's Solid Modeling Tools.
A Streamlined Manufacturing Solution for Woodworkers
Microvellum can help you seamlessly connect to every machine in your shop.
Limitless Engineering Possibilities
Microvellum can be setup to match your standards and construction methods.
A Streamlined Manufacturing Solution for Woodworkers
Harnessing the power of AutoCAD to create production-ready shop drawings.
Create Accurate Estimates
Estimating tools to easily & accurately create estimates.
Reporting with Microvellum Software
Explore Microvellum's powerful reporting capabilities.
Wood Hacks: E1 - Subassembly Prompt Values
Level up your game with these tricks in the Prompt Values column.
Wood Hacks: E2 - Programmable Mice
Why are programmable mice worth the investment
Wood Hacks: E3 - 6 Tips for the Community Forums
Watch this video to learn how to get the most out of your experience on our open community forums!
Wood Hacks: E4 - 2D Drawing Instructions:
Learn how to automate your 2D detailing
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