The Complete Woodworking solution

Remove friction from your workflows with One Platform

Align your team behind one platform that has the power to handle your design, drafting, estimating, engineering, manufacturing, and reporting and remove the friction that may be limiting your freedom to grow.

Drafting & Design

Professional Drafting & detailing

Combine the flexibility of Microvellum’s product library intelligence with continuously evolving Autodesk technology to deliver a design and drafting software solution that is unmatched in our industry.

3D Modeling & Prototyping

Powerful 3D modeling tool palette allows you to design custom products that can be analyzed and converted to machine-ready Microvellum products.

Photo-realistic Renderings

Easy-to-use rendering controls that allow your team to produce life-like images of entire rooms or individual products for presentations or prototyping.

Collaboration & Review Tools

View, share, and review drawings with architects, fellow drafters and designers using the same file format and software.

Scale as you need

A platform You Can Grow with

Whether you’re a small company just starting out or a large established manufacturer, our platform can equip you with the tools to grow. Connect with one of our experts to get started.

Estimating & Planning

Universal List Management

Maintain a complete list of all your labor types and costs.

Dynamic Pricing Tools

Adjust costs and labor rates at any time per project or globally.

Quote Form & Report Customization

Customize the design and format of your quote forms & shop reports.

Machine Cost Options

Factor the cost of your machines into your labor rates.

Comparison Tools

Compare production times and labor rates for different machinery.

Custom Engineering

Hardware Configuration

Add and modify hardware items easily and dynamically.

Extensive product libraries

Our growing product libraries come equipped with a huge variety of customization.

Detailed Product Views

Produce and capture detailed product views for prototyping and assembly drawings.

Engineer curved products

Simplify the complexity of any curved specification in your product design without the complication.

Do it your way

Customized for your needs

Have a specific way you need things done? We’ll show you how you can customize your configuration to meet those requirements. Our platform enables you to tailor custom configurations to your needs, with incredible precision.

Reporting & Insights

Custom Reports

Utilizing a single database you can dynamically generate endless report variations.

Report Designer

Use our custom report designer to generate what you need, down to the details.

Resource Database

Access our database of product, project and work order information for greater insights and forecasting.

Interactive Report Formats

Export reports as interactive PDF documents or as HTML to post internally for access over your company intranet.

Manufacturing & Production

INtegrated CADCAM

Easy-to-use toolsets to program single parts for your CNC machinery.

Driving Your Production

Connecting to the machinery that fuels your production workflows

Shop Floor Production Reports

Providing your team with the the right information at the right time.

User Story

Leveraging the Right Technology

Learn how Buda Woodworks, a Texas-based commercial architectural millwork, and residential cabinetry company, grew from a small shop to a state-of-the-art millwork business leveraging the power of their Microvellum platform.