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Breeze Furniture, custom cabinetry and residential furniture

Breeze Furniture, a custom cabinetry and residential furniture manufacturer located in New Zealand, specializes in bringing their clients dreams to life.

The Auckland-based company is one-off in nature, which was a big factor when they set out on their search for software capable of taking their projects from design to production utilizing their new Multicam CNC router. We spoke to owner Kevin Wright about their selection of Microvellum and their experiences with this AutoCAD-based software to-date.

“Initially, we ran our Multicam using the on-board software on the machine…” says Kevin. “but we knew our somewhat manual process was not efficient. We needed software more suited to our type of work.”

Kevin and his team had previous experience with a simple design package that helped them on the front-end, but had no connectivity to drive their production. This was a major factor in their selection of new software, and the focal point of their investigation when they attended the AWISA trade show, held in Sydney, Australia.

“When AWISA came around, we set a goal to visit each software vendor in an attempt to find the software best suited to handle our needs.” continued Kevin. “We must have spent hours at each stand, poking and prodding each of them before finally choosing Microvellum. It stood out among the others and definitely had the power we needed for our one-off work.”

“While nearly all of our work is custom, there is obviously a lot of similarity when working with cabinetry.” continued Kevin. “The product library that comes with Microvellum is very flexible. It’s easy to customize individual units for specific jobs or even configure completely new products to save back to the library for future use.”

Breeze Furniture specializes in custom-built kitchens, bathrooms, designer furniture, and shop fitouts.

The team at Breeze Furniture takes pride in being able to accommodate the needs of their diverse clientele. From unique residential spaces to professional commercial interiors, no project is the same. This puts pressure on their design and engineering team, but according to Kevin, their software and support from Microvellum is helping them to overcome any challenge that comes along.

“The initial service we received from Microvellum was very good.” commented Kevin. “We sat down with the local Microvellum rep here in Auckland and thoroughly covered all aspects of the software. We even got a recording of our training, which continues to be very helpful.”

“We used to outsource a lot of work, now we have enough capacity to take on work for other companies.”

“The change on our business has been quite dramatic – less man hours on the floor, less questions from the floor staff related to cabinet assembly, more accuracy, less mistakes, and a faster design to production workflow.  concluded Kevin.

About Breeze Furniture

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Breeze Furniture has been bringing dreams to life for nearly 20 years. Their team of professionals specialize in creating better homes and helping their clients express their style through custom designed cabinetry and interior spaces. Whatever your budget, whatever the project, you’ll be glad you chose to make it a Breeze.

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