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Artiture Limited, a commercial joinery firm providing furniture for a variety of industries

Artiture Limited, in Auckland’s Wairau Valley, is a commercial joinery firm providing furniture and fit outs for offices, medical centers, airlines, retail outlets, and one-off products.

In their business, speed and accuracy mean satisfied customers and profitable margins. Learn how the purchase of Microvellum Software has assisted in improvements in both areas over the last year.

Early last year, Artiture decided it was time to update their design and production software, to bring it up-to-date and in alignment with their business needs. “We were looking for a proven solution that suited the bespoke nature of our work.” says Michael Law, Director at Artiture. “We needed software that would allow for a high-degree of accuracy combined with the ability to quickly and efficiently drive our production.”

Throughout the course of their research, they found that Microvellum Software was being used by many companies doing similar work. Their investigation revealed the software to be able to handle the variety of challenges and complexities they face. The decision to purchase Microvellum was made in the Spring of 2017.

“It took us some time to master the engineering process for more complicate products, but after six months, our team had become really effective.” says Michael. “We have seen real, measurable benefits in the speed of our production, and the precision in engineering.”

“I like the way Microvellum enables our team to save time in their day-to-day workflow.” says Taryn Leathem, Operations Manager at Artiture. “We have not only reduced errors, but also drastically improved the workflow throughout the factory with detailed 3D visuals, simplified connectivity to our CNC machines, and automated part labeling.”

“Also, since all our manufacturing data is generated on the front-end of our process, we can better utilize our team in the shop.” added Taryn.

“I like the way Microvellum enables our team to save time in their day-to-day workflow.”

Artiture takes pride in delivering awesome craftsmanship, and quality designs for their clients. “The quality of renderings and presentation drawings we can produce helps our team improve communications with our clients.” says Michael. “When our clients can visualize what we are going to build for them, it makes our job easier. We can also take those renderings or the approved shop floor drawings right into production without the need to redraw or reengineer anything. This was previously a time-consuming process for us.”

“The support from Microvellum has been outstanding” says Michael. “Their team has remained customer-focused and I feel they are sincerely interested in our success.  Whether we need support over the phone, online or face-to-face, Microvellum’s team continues to exceed our expectations. It’s a program I would definitely recommend to others.”

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