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Rocheleau R13 EVO Drawer System Add-on Now Available

CENTRAL POINT, ORE—Microvellum's Product Engineering Team just announced that the Rocheleau R13 EVO drawer system is now available as an add-on within Toolbox.

Rocheleau's R13 EVO thin-wall drawer system offers a clean, minimalist design while ensuring smooth, fluid operation. Available in 4 different heights (90 mm, 128 mm, 175 mm and 240 mm), its clutter is very limited and therefore makes it possible to optimize the storage space available inside the cabinet. 

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"We are excited to collaborate with Rocheleau and integrate their R13 EVO drawer system into our platform," said Lenny Scianna, Head of Library Development at Microvellum. "This integration expands the design capabilities of our clients, enabling them to create extraordinary products with enhanced functionality and aesthetic appeal. The R13 EVO is a testament to Rocheleau's commitment to innovation, and we are proud to offer this solution to our users."

About Microvellum's Product Engineering Team

The Product Engineers at Microvellum are tasked with creating product library data and reports tailored for end-users across multiple markets. Their responsibilities involve both the upkeep and growth of existing product libraries, spanning frameless and face-frame cabinetry, office furniture, closets, toilet partitions, staircases, fixtures, and other custom products. By concentrating on enhancing our product data, this team is committed to bettering the lives of our team and clients.

About Rocheleau

Rocheleau was founded in 1976 and is today an importer of exclusive European-manufactured hardware and decorative products.

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