From Plan to Production

This training plan will guide you through the entire lifecycle of a project in Toolbox, from its conceptualization to the production phase.


This training plan is designed to guide participants through the entire lifecycle of a project in Microvellum, from its conceptualization to the production phase. It covers essential workflows related to creating projects, drawing cabinets, adding detailing using AutoCAD annotations, customizing products based on customer specifications, creating 2D drawings, and processing projects to generate work orders for production.


After completing this plan, you should be able to:

  • Understand how to use an imported PDF file to lay out a project in 3D.

  • Understand how to customize the interface of Toolbox to improve your workflow efficiency.

  • Understand how to add products (cabinets) from your library to your project in 3D drawing.

  • Make changes to products already added to your drawing.

  • Modify your drawer, door, drawer boxes, fillers, and other components to meet your requirements.

  • Create accurate detailed 2D plan drawings from 3D drawings.

  • Create accurate detailed 2D elevations from 3D drawings.

  • Create accurate detailed 2D cross sections from 3D drawings.

  • Understand how to create layout sheets and organize your drawings into specific viewports.

  • Understand the process of reviewing your project details and drawings.

  • Save and print your shop drawings.

  • Understand how to quickly respond to project changes, revise your drawings, and adjust cabinet settings.

  • Understand how to adjust the cabinet and wall dimensions based on field dimensions.

  • Change materials for specific parts within your products.

  • Understand how to make quick customizations to parts within your products.

  • Understand how to create work orders, review parts, and produce the data needed by your production team such as reports and g-code.


Windows Operations:

Before starting this training, it is essential to have a basic understanding of using Windows operating system. This includes familiarity with tasks such as navigating through files and folders, managing applications, and basic system settings. This foundational knowledge will ensure a smoother learning experience throughout the training.

Installed Software

To get the most out of this training, ensure that you have an installed version of Toolbox (2022, 2023, or 2024) and the Foundation Product Library ready for use on your computer before proceeding with this training plan so you can follow along. If you need to install Toolbox, these videos will assist you:

Training Plan

Before you proceed, we recommend completing the Getting Started training plan, as it will provide you with the foundational knowledge required to understand and follow the instructions provided within this training plan.

Training Environment

If you or your company already uses Microvellum software, it may be beneficial to create a new local training configuration in Toolbox to separate your projects and work from your production configuration. These videos will assist you in setting up this new configuration and downloading the Foundation Library.


We recommend following along with each video, attempting to replicate the processes outlined to achieve the same results within your Toolbox project. After watching all the videos, rely on what you've learned to create a new project, draw a kitchen (or a room of your choice) in 3D, create 2D plan, elevation, and section drawings, make changes to products, and process to view the production data.

Repeat this a few times until you feel comfortable navigating the drawing space and accomplishing each process. This will solidify your understanding and ability to apply it independently.

Sample Projects

Once you've requested the files, you'll receive an email with a link to download a zip file. We recommend extracting the files and storing them in an easy-to-access location on your computer. Note: As additional training plans are released, this zip file will be updated to include additional files.

If you need help understanding how to work with zip files, consider reviewing this article: Zip & Unzip Files


To follow along with this training plan, the following files will be needed:

  1. MicrovellumExport_MVU Plan to Production Project.sdf

  2. Sample Ground Floor Plan.pdf

  3. New Kitchen Job 06.pdf

  4. New Kitchen Job 06_RED LINES.pdf

Video Content

This training plan is comprised of 17 videos and includes nearly 2 and a half hours of video-based training. It's intended to guide participants through the entire lifecycle of a project in Toolbox, from its conceptualization to the production phase.

Estimated Time to Complete:

  • Videos: 2 hours 23 minutes (17 videos)

  • Exercises & Practice: 8 hours (recommended)

  • Quiz: 20 minutes

  • 10 hours, 43 minutes

Video Schedule
PDF Outline

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