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Virtual Community Exchange Event

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Topic: Bridging the skills gap through Education

Hear the story of Mark Smith, a 30+ year veteran woodworker, teacher, and advocate for the woodworking industry, and his mission to help bridge the skills gap through education and awareness.

  • Hear from educators, students, and industry professionals that have developed internships, mentoring programs, and sponsorships with local schools.

  • Join the LIVE Q&A and help students understand what it’s like to be a modern-day woodworker.

  • Learn about Microvellum's Adopt-a-School program, the advantages of being involved, and how you can help your local schools the software they need to succeed.

  • Answer questions from students and help them understand the amazing opportunities that await them in the woodworking industry.

Meet with Your Peers, Network, and Learn

  • October 27th @ 8 AM Pacific / 11 AM Eastern Time (USA)

  • 4:00 PM BST (London)

Microvellum Exchange events are a virtual opportunity for enthusiasts to gather to discuss all things related to the wood industry, technology, and Microvellum software. Exchange Events are discussions inspired by you. They are conversations, not presentations - we want to hear from you.

Attendees are encouraged to be prepared to ask questions, share ideas with your peers, and lead conversations with industry experts.

This Virtual Exchange event will be hosted by:

James Drury
Technology Advocate

One of my passions in life is helping people grow in their knowledge and understanding of all things related to Microvellum software and the woodworking industry.

Mark Smith
Reed Custer High School

I have been in this industry for over 30-years focused on one primary mission - to educate, be educated, and to help others grow. As a CTE teacher at Reed Custer High School, I help my students explore the best educational opportunities that the school, program supporters, and I can provide.

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