Microvellum Expands Service & Support Team in Quebec

Dora Sanchez, an interior designer of 10 years and 9 year senior library developer for many high profile manufacturers in Quebec, is located in Montreal, Canada and is fluent in French, English, and Spanish. Chris LaFlamme, also based out of Montreal, has 15 years of experience in cabinetry design, building and renovation. In addition to his extensive woodworking background, Chris also has over 5 years of experience with Microvellum software.

Interior Woodworking Specialist

Completed after a five-year design and construction process, this latest reincarnation of the HUB is a forward-thinking, contemporary facility and a true embodiment of what a 21st-century student and campus center should be. The project’s designers were able to preserve half of the building’s more than 60-year-old superstructure and expand upon the existing infrastructure to create a more spacious, connected, accessible and inviting building than its predecessor…