Influenced by Companies Like Yours

When it comes to software development, who better to take advice from than the users that rely on it daily to drive their production forward.  User submitted ideas and suggestions have helped influence some of the most exciting new features found within Microvellum Software.

User-Centered Design & Development

User-centered Design & Development is a product development strategy used by Microvellum’s development team that puts our users at the center of the development process, creating a bridge for ideation, communication and feedback.

From the idea stage to the testing and implementation stage, we work with our users to ensure what was envisioned was delivered.

Benchmark Cabinet

How many opportunities do you get to sit down with every developer of a software company to share ideas and give feedback. To me, this is priceless.


For a software company to open all of its resources to a customer and really listen to its customer base is rare and a huge ROI for us.

Oviatt Cabinet & Mill

Being able to talk openly with the Microvellum development team about the challenges we face improves our ability to streamline the way we work.

How we collect user feedback

User feedback is crucial to understanding how to add value to our products and improve user satisfaction. Connecting with our clients to collect their feedback is a routine process at Microvellum.

Microvellum User Group
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User Advisory Board

The Microvellum User Advisory Board is an independent group of users from key industries within the wood product manufacturing industry. This twelve-member group acts as the sounding board and voice of the industry for Microvellum’s development and strategic teams. They work together to review software features, business strategies, and woodworking trends.

Current Members (2021)