A Streamlined Solution for Design to Manufacturing

Seamlessly generate your CNC programs for every machine in your shop, eliminating your reliance on secondary software and the need for manual programming.

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Integrated CAM Toolsets

Ever wondered if you could squeeze more productivity out of your machinery? You can with our advanced route sequencing. Using features like grouping rules, sheet part packing, automated double passes, and on-demand labeling, you’ll save big on time and materials.

Additionally, simple sliders allow you to adjust true shape and stay-down nesting sensitivities and support for 2D DXF file imports allow you to create custom parts. 

CNC Machine Code Generation

Our platform offers performance-tuned machine code for every CNC machine you own. Leave the optimization to our technical experts, who are constantly testing and tuning these algorithms for greater efficiency.

Automated Tool Pathing & Program Generation

Does human input, specifically around CNC programming, result in errors or delays in your manufacturing process? We can help eliminate these issues by automating the process of applying tool pathing to your parts.

Our system will create the geometry, assign the tool numbers, feed speeds, compensation, etc. and output the machine code based on your engineer's specifications. So, what you see at the engineering level is what you get at your machine.

System generated tool paths and tooling parameters

Generated CNC Programs can be mapped to your network drives for easy access by your operators

Code for all your CNC machines is produced simultaneously

Reduce errors & ensure consistency throughout your production environment

Adapting to your needs

We are committed to helping you reach your potential - whether you have CNC machinery or not. If you're just starting out or just not ready to make the move to automated CNC machinery, our platform is well-suited to you maximize your potential.

Material usage & Optimization Reports

Detailed cutlists & part DXF Drawings

Assembly drawings & details

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Today's Leading Wood Product Manufacturers Choose Microvellum

Learn how one of the United Kingdom's premier joinery and fit-out contractors, Martek, is overcoming some of the challenges in today's wood product manufacturing business.

Material Handling Systems
Boring Machines
Machining Centers
Drilling Centers
Table Saws
Beam Saws
Cut Off Saws
Optimize the Process

Reduce waste and reuse scrap with intelligent manufacturing.

We’ve developed advanced intelligence in our manufacturing. This provides you with maximum material yields. You can even track usable excess material in the manufacturing process, which will save you big in the long run.

Optimize the Process


Whether you print labels in the office, out on the shop floor, or use CNC automated labeling, we can provide your production team with detailed part and product labels. These labels include job information, part/product names, edgebanding details, and other relevant information to help you keep parts and products organized in your factory.

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Design & Drafting

Industry standard CAD toolsets to help you design with automation.


Estimates & Planning

Predict your time, material & labor costs with confidence.


Custom Engineering

Flexible engineering tools enabling intelligent products design.


Reporting & Insights

Ensuring you have the right data, in the right place at the right time.


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