Client Story: Mapleleaf Cabinets


Meet Kevin Affleck, owner of Mapleleaf, a woodworking company founded in 2002 based in Utah. Learn how his passion and industry relationships have helped him transform his business into a major player in the commercial, retail, and industrial fixtures, as well as millwork markets nationwide.

Looking back , if we would have not made those key decisions to streamline, to consolidate with software, equipment and really focus on our relationships, I know that we would not be on this growth pattern that we're on now.

We have not tapped the limits of Microvellum... There's no stopping us...

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  • Location: West Valley, Utah USA

  • Employees: 30+

  • Facility: 55,000 Sq. Ft.

  • Specialty: Commercial, retail & industrial fixtures, millwork

  • CNC Machinery: Biesse, Homag, Holzher

  • Services: Space planning, site surveys, fixture design, fixture engineering, value-added engineering, renderings, prototyping, manufacturing, and installation.

  • AWI Quality Certification Program (QCP): Yes