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Microvellum University

A hands-on learning experience designed to help you standardize the way you learn Microvellum software.

What is MVU

Microvellum University (MVU) is a comprehensive training program designed to help woodworkers maximize their usage of Microvellum's design-to-manufacturing software platform. The courses and structure of MVU’s classroom sessions allow attendees to immerse themselves in the software in a hands-on, learn-by-doing format.

Learning Pathways

An online video-based learning program designed to help you build a solid understanding of how to effectively use Microvellum software.
Cohort training offers targeted and personalized software instruction. Participants are grouped based on their needs, promoting collaboration and hands-on learning.
Classroom-based learning is literally hands-on. You can usually find time either during or after the session to have your questions answered directly by the instructor, and you have a whole room full of opinions and knowledge to draw from.

"It's hard to set aside the time to learn on your own. Life gets in the way; work gets in the way. MVU allows you to focus and learn new ways to automate from experienced users."

Tony Mansour at Rmeish Joinery

Learn by doing
Role Specific Content
Real-World Projects

MVU eLearning is Now Available

We are happy to announce that our new eLearning content is now available.