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Helping to grow our future workforce one student at a time.

Empowering Our Future workforce


These days, more and more students choose to advance their education at the college level –pursing fields outside the manufacturing sector.  As this trend continues, the skills gap widens… unless we do something about it.

Integrating an Adopt-A-School program will help you grow your future workforce. Microvellum Software is just one of the many components that help ensure your “seedlings” grow into skilled workers that will add value to your business. You have the power to make a difference. You hold the keys to unlocking and empowering students to make smart choices and close the skills gap.

Connect with Key People

To get the adoption process started, you will first need to identify the key players that will be involved in the conversation. Once you have identified the key players, you will want to give each of them an opportunity to share ideas and ask questions about the proposed adoption and plan. Help them understand what a win looks like for the students and for your company.

Together, create an adoption plan that will bring benefit to the school, you and ultimately improve educational outcomes for students.

Board Members
School Superintendents
Education Partners

What our Partners are saying

"By giving our students practical, hands-on experience with industry-leading software like Microvellum, they will be fully prepared for careers within the woodworking industry right after graduation."

Steve Bader, Woodworking Program Coordinator at Conestoga College

Education Partners

Software Donations

One of the key components of an Adopt-A-School program for the woodworking sector is software. We recognize that schools need the latest technology and tools to provide students with the skills needed to thrive in today’s high-tech, computerized workplace. Our software donation provides eligible schools with the latest woodworking software powered by Microvellum and Autodesk.

Your Responsibility
Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Donations will be evaluated according to the eligibility guidelines below:

  • An educational institution that has been or is in the process of being adopted by a business that uses Microvellum Software in their design to manufacturing process.

  • Is a K-12 public school or affiliated program, college or university offering a wood technology program.

  • Must have a valid, school issued email address

  • *All donations as subject to review by Microvellum management.


One of the most important features of a successful adoption includes close contact with the school and students.

Job Shadowing
Real-world Projects

Help Training our Future Workforce

Let's work together to help fill the skills gaps and train our future workforce.