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Frankco & Simon Transforms Production Using Microvellum & Biesse Technology

Commercial furniture manufacturer, Frankco & Simon, fell into the trap that many woodworkers do, they spent money on software with high hopes of transforming their business. 

Like many companies, owner Frank Tong was consumed with day-to-day operations within his business and never took the time to implement or learn the tool they invested in. Frank’s interest in transforming his business was once again renewed after a brief meeting with Tim Veale, Microvellum’s New Zealand Account Manager.

Frank Tong purchased Microvellum back in 2008, a time when business was good and “the shop floor was buzzing” with projects. “Honestly, we were so busy back then. The thought of slowing our operations to learn the software we just purchased seemed a little overwhelming” said Tong. “So, until Tim came around, the software just sat on the shelf…” continued Frank.

“In a short amount of time, Tim was able to show me how to use the software, and to my surprise, it was pretty easy. It definitely helps having an expert like Tim around, but the truth of it is, his sincere interest in helping me reach my goals has definitely been motivation to keep the software off the shelf and into production.” Continued Frank.

“When I first met Tim, we were using a pod and rail system and experiencing most of the normal errors associated with duplicate data entry throughout the design to manufacturing process. Tim suggested that we change the way we manufacture and switch to a nested-base router to help improve our efficiency.”

“Initially, I was a little resistant to the idea of implementing such a BIG change, but soon decided that I needed to keep moving forward and invest in the new technology. I ended up purchasing a Biesse Rover A machining centre and after experiencing the benefits and improved efficiency, decided to buy a second one three months later.”

“I would have to say that Microvellum was the catalyst for our recent success. We’ve implemented the total design to manufacturing solution. Now, we process our projects in one system, a single entry resulting in a seamless operation that eliminates duplication and the chances of human error.”

“We’ve kept current with our updates and have found them very beneficial. In fact, the most recent update really improved our processing speed. What used to take 5-10 minutes to render, now takes less than a minute. A real boom in productivity for our two designers using the software”

“It gives us the capacity to build the products the way we want with the detailed of accuracy and precision.”

“At the end of the day, it’s the ongoing service that has impressed me the most over the last few years. With Tim at the helm of Microvellum here in New Zealand, we’ve really been taken care of and received outstanding support through a time of considerable change. Now that we’ve fully implemented Microvellum and our two nesting machines, we’ve seen our output increase by 30%, our overtime reduced by 10%… and we still have 25% machine capacity.”

“Now that we’ve experienced the benefits of the latest release of Toolbox we are looking forward to implementing other modules.”

With a little guidance and reliance on Microvellum technology, the twenty-five person team at Frankco & Simon have been able to streamline and truly transform their design to manufacturing process utilizing their once forgotten software.

About Frankco & Simon

Frankco & Simon Furniture was founded in 1993. The New Zealand-based company was started out with basic manual machinery and only two people. Nowadays, their team has grown to a large team of twenty with seven CNC machines from semi automation to fully automation. These machines are driven with advanced woodworking production software, Microvellum.

Our design team use Microvellum software as well as CAD software. Microvellum is an AutoCAD based woodworking software which provides detail from the design to manufacturing process.

Frankco & Simon provide everything needed for office interiors; from workstations, desks, storage and reception for government agencies, offices, schools, and other commercial institutions.

Their primary focus is to develop strategic long-term relationships with their customers; recognizing that every office interior, every room is unique and can require specialized furniture.

To learn more about Frankco & Simon, visit their website: