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Canadian Woodworking College, Conestoga College, Integrates Microvellum Software

Conestoga College is one of Canada’s largest educational institutions. Recently, they began offering wood technology training programs for students featuring Microvellum’s software platform.

The goal of this initiative was to provide students with access to industry standard software for wood product manufacturing. Today, students have full access to Microvellum’s entire platform, enabling them to experience the complete range of features and capabilities.

The donated software suite from Microvellum enables students to gain a better understanding of the design, engineering, and production processes for modern wood product manufacturing. Based in AutoCAD®, the leading CAD software used by architects, engineers, and construction professionals, Microvellum provides a solid foundation for students to develop skills that will prepare them for the real-world.

“We are committed to investing in education to help grow the next generation of woodworkers…” commented David Fairbanks, President of Microvellum Software. “Our industry is experiencing a severe shortage of skilled workers and one of the ways to compensate for that fact is to inspire our younger generation. The woodworking technology program at Conestoga provides a great opportunity for students and were proud to be a part of it…”

“Conestoga offers one of the best programs in the country for students wanting to pursue a career in wood product manufacturing. By giving our students practical, hands-on experience with industry-leading software like Microvellum, they will be fully prepared for careers within the woodworking industry right after graduation.” commented Steve Bader, Woodworking Program Coordinator at Conestoga.

This respected and renowned institution has produced countless industry leaders and talented individuals that have gone on to have fulfilling careers in the woodworking trade.

About Conestoga College

Conestoga College, in Kitchener, Ontario is one of North America’s largest educational institutions offering woodworking technology courses for students. Their unique, three-year program is delivered at the Woodworking Centre of Ontario and is designed to provide students with theoretical and applied knowledge of the technology and skills related to furniture, cabinets, and architectural millwork manufacturing. Students receive training in manufacturing management techniques such as production planning, scheduling, personnel management and supervision. Students will also be introduced to computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM), and gain practical skills in drafting, CNC programming, and other applications used in today’s modern woodworking environment.

For more information about Conestoga College, visit:

For specific program information, go to: Conestoga Woodworking Courses

About Microvellum’s Adopt-a-School Program

Microvellum’s Adopt-a-School Program, is a sponsorship arrangement that helps connect local businesses that use Microvellum Software with schools offering woodworking technology programs. Through a donation arrangement and local business engagement, schools gain access to the latest software and exposure to real-world manufacturing facilities. Learn more